Protect Yourself From Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disorder of Carbohydrates metabolism, caused by inadequate production of insulin, a hormone produced in specialized beta cells in the pancreas that allows the body to store glucose. This lack of insulin results in an inability to metabolize glucose, resulting in increased sugar levels in the urine and blood, thus increasing urination, thirst, hunger, weakness and weight loss.

It is estimated that the number of patients with diabetes, about 125 million in the 1990s, rose to 220 million in 2010 and is expected to rise to about 350 million in 2025.

The challenges of this rampant disease are huge and the task of facing them will be enormous. This calls for a special need to raise awareness and launch camps and programs to spread awareness regarding it. With a lot of research & studies, it is now evident that the effects of diabetes can be reduced by exercise, switching to a healthier diet, weight reduction, and correct medical treatment.

Diabetes management requires awareness & it is up to us to curb the menace of this proliferating disorder, scroll below to know how you can easily control the rise and fall of your blood sugar levels and tackle this issue by doing a few simple changes in your diet & lifestyle

Consumption of Sweets with Willingness

You don’t have to completely bid goodbye to your favorite desserts and sweets just because you have diabetes. Be smart about the timing and content of your sweet intake. Reduce your carb intake & by doing so you can definitely make room for desserts. Also, avoid consuming sweets as a snack rather have it in very regulated quantities with your meals, it will restrict the sudden rise of your blood sugar levels.

No Empty Calories in your Diet

Soda, cola and soft drinks have zero nutritional value, they just add sugar and calories in your blood. You should also consider avoiding excess sugar in your tea & coffee as anything in excess will certainly harm your health to a great extent. We know that keeping a hold on those sweet buds can be really difficult, so if you have an intense craving for sweet, you may choose a small bite of dark chocolate and have it with a glass of milk or frozen fruit but avoid binge eating in any circumstance

Eat Smaller Meals

Dieticians recommend breaking your three larger meals into 5 to 6 smaller meals. This will keep your digestive system active, and it will increase insulin sensitivity.

Keep your portions small and opt for a heavy and healthier breakfast to kick start your day on a positive note!

You can also chew gum to beat the hunger pangs, psychologically chewing gum can make you crave less for food. But don’t forget to opt for sugar free-gum!

Spot the Hidden Sugar Contents in your Diet

Many food labels try to hide the sugar content into their products. Eatables like pasta sauces, frozen food, bread, and other low-fat food have a lot of hidden sugar content.

Sugar is mostly labeled as dextrose, malt syrup, invert sugar, cane crystals, agave nectar etc. usually the manufacturers try to camouflage sugar content and list them separately which when added together can amount to a lot.

Check your Fat Consumption

As doctors say, not all fats are bad for health, the unhealthy ones are the ones found in packed food called – Trans Fat. The food cooked in hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil is bad for health. Always remember that saturated fats are bad for health while on the other hand, unsaturated fats are the healthiest option. They are found in oils extracted from plants and fish.

It is recommended to broil and bake food instead of deep-frying. This can save you from bad fat consumption and still pamper your taste buds.

The more you know about the factors that affect the blood sugar levels the more you can do to control the fluctuation – and plan your diet and medication accordingly.

Don’t Forget to Exercise!

The best solution to any health malady is a decent amount of workout. A regular routine of mild workouts will help in coping up with health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and even cancer! Plus it has other added advantages of weight control, improved energy, better sleep, elevated mood and much more.

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